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Persian rugs are a source of warmth & comfort; their handmade texture & beautiful designs make them appealing. Persian rug care plays a pivotal role in making them last longer & maintaining their riveting beauty. Though professional Persian rug cleaning Brisbane is necessary at least once a year experts at Vivid Rug Cleaning Brisbane suggest few handy tips that can help keep these Persian rugs in a pristine state at home.

Tips by Persian rug cleaners for rug maintenance

Vacuuming – Vacuuming helps extract dirt, dust, soils & allergens trapped inside the fabric of the rug with ease. Vacuuming every week or every alternate day in case of heavy traffic can help keep the rug’s surface clean. Make sure you vacuum without a beater bar/ rotating brush as it can split fibers & vacuum beneath the rug as well. Until you opt for Persian rug cleaning Brisbane vacuuming is the best way to keep rugs clean

Rotating – Rugs are subjected to damage due to heavy foot traffic; this makes the fibers uneven & spoils the look of the rug. Instead of hiring professionals for Persian rug care try rotating the rug. Rotate rugs every few months to even the wear & tear due to foot traffic. Rotating rugs is also beneficial to even the ruins caused by sun fading.

Immediate action – In case of food spills, moth influx, mold growth, holes, or accidents it is vital to contact professional Persian rug cleaners without ado. This will help diminish the effect of damage & help you extend the life of your favorite rug.

No DIYS – Do not rely on random DIYS you see on the internet they can ruin the rug permanently. Always seek professional help for time-tested solutions like Persian rug cleaning services. Professionals have apt tools & techniques and thus they do the job efficiently.

Persian rug cleaning is a demanding yet most important task and should be at rug owner’s top priority. The best part is that you can clean your rugs at home by following expert tips. Instead of replacing your old rugs because of minor damages hire experts from Vivid Rug Cleaning Brisbane that can serve you with the finest rug cleaning experience.

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