How to Dry Clean Carpets and Rugs at Home?

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Do you want to clean your flooring without any hassle? Dry cleaning can be the best solution for you! Some carpets are allergic to moisture. Steam cleaning or other washing methods may ruin their quality. That’s why we recommend following the steps given and cleaning your carpet within a few hours:

Method 1: Dry Compound Technique

Using dry powder is the most famous dry cleaning technique. Here is how you can perform it at home:

  • Spray stain pretreatment product on your flooring or the stained part. Skip this step if your rug doesn’t have any stains or dark patches.
  • Sprinkle a dry cleaning compound on the rug. Choose these compounds wisely according to your flooring type.
  • Use nylon or a soft-bristled scrub brush to push the compound deep into the threads of the carpet.
  • Let the solvent sit on the flooring for more than half an hour. You can walk on the carpet at this stage. However, avoid getting it on your skin. Also, keep pets and kids at bay for their safety.
  • Vacuum the rug and remove the power component. It may not go away in one vacuum cleaning session. So, ensure a daily vacuuming schedule after this procedure.

Isn’t it hassle-free? So, get the best dry cleaners and start cleaning your favourite flooring!

Method 2: Encapsulant Treatment

Encapsulants are liquid cleaners used in many dry cleaning methods as it is low-moisture and super-effective at treating dark spots. Here is how you can make it work:

  • Vacuum the rug to remove loose dirt and debris. These particles can soak further into the flooring. So, it is best to get rid of them at first.
  • Mix diluted encapsulate with hot water. Pour this mixture into a pump sprayer.
  • Spray the solution to moisten the rug lightly. Use a generous amount of the fluid for challenging stained areas.
  • Let it soak into the fibres for 15-30 minutes. Strictly avoid walking on the flooring at this stage.
  • These components loosen the dirt and stain particles. At last, remove it all with vacuum cleaning.
  • Let the rug dry and remove excess moisture.

Use this dry cleaner only if you can remove all the wetness from your carpet. If you leave it with moisture, the flooring may get mould or mildew in the coming days. That may cost you more than a simple dry cleaning method. So, be careful!

Method 3: Vinegar and Baking Soda as Dry Cleaners

You can also use Vinegar and Baking soda as dry solvents.

  • Cover the stains with baking soda.
  • Add around one spoon of white vinegar to the already poured baking soda.
  • Merge the mixture and press it into the carpet with your fingers.
  • Let the solution air-dry overnight.
  • Vacuum the spot to remove these powders along with dirt and stain particles.

No matter which dry cleaning treatment you choose, know your rug’s condition, read the instructions on the care label and safely clean it. You can also hire expert dry cleaners for a quick cure.

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