How to Flatten a Wrinkled Rug?

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No doubt, a rug adds a beautiful touch to your floor and overall interior. Yet, sometimes the authentic flooring refuses to lie flat on the floor and creates unsightly wrinkles. Floorings with rigid rubber backings can get lumps if pushed under or against furniture. Even your brand-new rugs can be victims of these creases due to poor installations and similar issues. But we’ve got you covered with some tricks to flatten a wrinkled rug:

Tricks to flatten a wrinkled rug:

1.  Allow the rug to lay flat and settle on the floor naturally

2.  Use a steam iron to eliminate lumps

3.  Reverse-roll the flooring

4.  Place heavy furniture on creases

5.  Get the flooring steamed

6.  Re-stretch and re-tack the flooring with the help of professionals

Now that you know ways to remove rug wrinkles, let’s dig deeper and discuss the steps involved in the procedure.

If you stored the rug in the closet, then it’s natural for the flooring to take time to lay flat on the floor. In this case, spread the rug and let it sit there for around two days to see if it gets flattened on its own. If possible, place the rug on the hard floor.

Try reverse-rolling the rug. To do so, unroll the flooring and roll it again, this time in the opposite direction. Then, let this rolled flooring sit on the floor for a day or two and unroll it again in reverse.

Step 3

You can also place the stack of heavy books or furniture on the wrinkles for a day to flatten them using pressure and weight. However, if you place a piece of heavier furniture or push the rug while placing a piece of furniture, the flooring can get further damages. You can skip this step and connect with professional rug cleaners and repairers to avoid such issues.

Step 4

If your flooring still has wrinkles, use heat to remove them. Spread the rug over a hard floor on a sunny day and give it some time to absorb the heat. One or two hours of sun’s heat is enough to release creases and wrinkles from rugs.

If you don’t have a place to do this, flip the flooring and use a hairdryer to remove lumps. You have to be extra cautious while using any electrical machine around your rug. So, try to keep the hairdryer at least 6 to 9 inches away from the flooring while sweeping. To avoid melting the rug fibre, use medium or low heat settings.

Step 5

Another unpopular way to fix rug wrinkles is to tape them down. You can get double-sided carpet tape in any home improvement store. Tape down the backside of your rug and press it firmly. That will hold your flooring in place and flatten the existing lumps and prevent new ones.

All these do-it-yourself techniques may take your time, effort and involve risk factors. So, it’s advisable to connect with professionals that offer rug repair and rug cleaning services.

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