#1 Professional Rug Cleaning Services Brisbane

      When it comes to rug cleaning, rug restoration & rug repair Brisbane services. Vivid Rug Cleaning Brisbane is the finest business to rely on. We can clean & repair all sorts of rugs and eradicate any problems associated with them with our professional rug cleaners. We realise the importance of cleaning and repairing your rugs on a regular basis. If you hire us for this job, you will not require any additional services.

      Rugs require frequent cleaning and repair since they protect your floors and can collect dust, grime, and bacteria. Rugs are subjected to severe treatments over time as a result of continuous walking on them or by dogs, as well as stains. Your rug, on the other hand, will always gleam like new if you keep it clean. For this, you must contact Professional rug cleaners and schedule frequent rug cleaning services with them. So, give us a call at +61480029218 right away to schedule our best Professional rug cleaning services.  We also provide commercial rug cleaning services in Brisbane including businesses, offices, restaurants, hotels and other commercial spaces.

      Signs You Need Professional Rug Repair Brisbane

      Every rug that is used regularly becomes a victim of general wear and tear. Getting your rug repaired by experts is necessary for the preservation of your prized possession. Before minor damage turns into a major problem, read the signs of early rug damage and hire rug repair Brisbane!

      Cuts and Torns: With pets and kids inside your house, the risk of getting your rugs torn is presumably high. Kids playing with toys and pets with habits of scratching rugs can damage your rugs. Check your rugs periodically for cuts and tears and get them repaired immediately.

      Fringe Damage: Fringes can get damaged with heavy traffic. The problem of fringes can escalate quickly. Once a rug fringe is lost, it continues losing others that hampers the aesthetics of your rugs.

      Holes and Irregularities: Moth attacks and burns can cause holes and irregularities on your rugs. Before, the holes expand and tear up your rugs, make sure to hire rug repair Brisbane and get them fixed professionally.

      Rug Repair Brisbane

      Rug Repair & Rug Restoration Brisbane

      Rugs are bound to get damaged with usage. Normal wear, tear, holes, and wrinkles are likely to happen with a time that needs to be repaired immediately, if you want your rugs to last for a long time. Here’s what we repair and restore at Vivid Rug Cleaning Brisbane:

      • Restoration of uneven spaces
      • Fringe repair and fixing
      • Pet damage restoration
      • Moth damage and hole repair
      • Spots and stain treatment
      • Wrinkle repair
      • Tear and cuts restoration

      Every rug is a work of art that needs to be preserved and maintained. Keep your rugs in great condition by relying on our experts for rug restoration and rug repair Brisbane!

      Vivid Rug cleaning Brisbane provides a comprehensive persian rug cleaning and repair services.

      Our On-Site Rug Cleaning Process

      At, Vivid Rug Cleaning Brisbane we provide two options for rug cleaning:

      • On-site and,
      • Off-site rug cleaning

      These two options have their benefits. In on-site rug cleaning services Brisbane our technicians arrive at your location and perform the cleaning in your presence. On the other hand, off-site rug cleaning includes a free pick-up, and drop facility for the customers.

      Vivid Rug Cleaning Brisbane’s On-site Rug Cleaning Process Include:

      • Our experienced Rug cleaning specialistsarrives at your location to inspect the condition of the rug. They observe the rug type, fabric, age, stains, and other damages.
      • The stains and spots are pre-treated before washing the rugs. Our technicians use 2 in 1 customized shampoo for cleaning the stains that take care of bacteria, and dust as well.
      • Our specialized cleaning solution is injected into the rugs using our truck mounts. We use a four-way hot water extraction method for rug washing. Our effective method eliminates, bacteria, odor, and stains from your rugs.
      • Our team makes sure to revitalize your carpets and rugs before leaving your premises.

      Off-Site Rug Washing Brisbane

      Inspection and Pick-up- Before picking up the rugs from your location, our professionals inspect the rug’s condition. Any signs of damage or tears are noted and informed to the customer. The rugs are packed and picked up by our experts.

      Dry Soil Removal- The rugs are brought to our state-of-the-art facility for cleaning. We proceed with removing dry soil from the rugs. For this, the rugs are placed on a high-power machine that releases 40,000 vibrations per minute.

      Colorfastness Test- Before proceeding with rug washing our technicians run a quick colorfastness test. It is important to check if the colors bleed from the rugs or not.

      Stain Removal- Rugs with specific tough stains are treated beforehand. We use special cleaning solutions for removing stains, spots, and pet urine odor as well.

      Rug Cleaning- Our professional rug cleaning involves the immersion of rugs in water. Our state-of-the-art facility has a washing pit where rugs are soaked for a while before cleaning. Later, a rotating brush gently cleans the rugs.

      Rug Rinsing- After the rugs are washed, it is rinsed properly. Almost, over 96% of the moisture is removed from the rugs that help in quick drying.

      Drying- Your rugs are dried in a temperature-controlled environment. This helps in reducing the risk of mould and mildew growth.

      Rug Washing

      After your rugs are cleaned and dried, our professionals make pack them and deliver them to your location.

      Don’t delay anymore! Contact us for on-site and off-site professional rug cleaning services Brisbane!

      Benefits Of Hiring Professional Rug Cleaners Brisbane

      Rugs are the center of attraction at your home and workspace. Apart from enhancing the beauty of the space, they also provide warmth. However, rugs are quick at accumulating dirt and need professional rug cleaning services Brisbane. Here are some benefits of hiring professional rug cleaners:

      Creates Healthier Environment

      The dirt and grease pollute the air inside your home. Living around dirty rugs is dangerous for people suffering from respiratory problems like asthma. Getting your rugs cleaned by professional rug cleaners, helps in eliminating dust and odor from the rugs. Create a healthy environment at your home with our experts by your side!

      Complete Bacteria Elimination

      Your rugs become home to bacteria and mould with time. These microscopic creatures impose health risks on your loved ones. Therefore, getting your rugs professionally cleaned is a necessity. Experts use an eco-friendly and effective cleaning solution that eliminates bacteria from the rugs.

      Reduce Traffic Lane Effect

      Your rugs develop a traffic lane when it is continuously walked on. These faded lanes look embarrassing. Get rid of rug traffic lane effect by hiring professional rug cleaning services Brisbane. Regular cleaning helps in reducing the traffic lane effect and prolongs the lifespan of the rugs.

      Stain and Spot Removal

      A stained rug can damage your reputation when the guests arrive. However, stains are inevitable. Coffee, wine and food spills are likely to happen. Rely on Vivid Rug Cleaning Brisbane and get relief from the unpleasant sight of stained rugs. We restore, repair, and clean all kinds of rugs at affordable prices!

      No Residue

      When cleaning rugs at home, the chances of leaving residue behind are pretty high. Those DIY tricks aren’t effective in removing residue from the rugs. And, these residues attract more dirt.

      That is why hiring professionals for rug washing is crucial. Experts take complete care of the rugs and assure removal of residue as well.

      So, what are you waiting for? Contact Vivid Rug Cleaning Brisbane and get your rugs cleaned now. Call us at +61480029218 and get your bookings confirmed!

      Same Day Rug Cleaning Services Brisbane

      At, Vivid Rug Cleaning Brisbane we provide same day and emergency rug cleaning services all across the city and nearby locations. We understand the urgency of getting your rugs cleaned. Therefore, our services remain open 24×7 and all year long. Feel free in reaching out to us anytime and anywhere you like. Our rug cleaning specialists arrives at your location within just 60 minutes of booking confirmation!

      Get affordable, quick, and effective rug cleaning services Brisbane. Make your bookings now and get an express quote!


      1. Can I wash my rug in the washing machine?

      No. Rugs are made up of many fibres. These fibres are delicate and may have sensitive colours. If you wash it in a washing machine, it may fade colours and delicate fibres may get damaged.

      2. Is steam cleaning safe for my rug?

      Yes. We use all safe solutions, machines and tools for rug steam cleaning. Our rug steam cleaners are experts and have years of experience in this field.

      3. Do you run a colour test before rug washing?

      Yes. We take all safety measures to protect the uniqueness and artistic work of a rug and that’s why we rug a colour test before rug washing.

      4. Do you dry clean the rugs after cleaning?

      Yes. We hand over a dry and completely cleaned rug to our customers as moisture in the rug may cause mould and other infestations.

      5. Should I call experts even if there is minor damage?

      Yes. Experts can resolve your issue within time and restore even minor damages. These minor damages if neglected can cause major damages. The best way to save your rugs is to call professionals.

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