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How to Dry Clean Carpets and Rugs at Home?

Do you want to clean your flooring without any hassle? Dry cleaning can be the best solution for

How to Remove Coffee Stains from a Rug?

Is your beautiful rug stained by a coffee spill? We understand what you are feeling right now. Even

Top 6 Reasons to Clean Your Office Rugs Regularly

You must be wondering why you need to spend money on regular rug cleaning. However, having an

How to Safeguard Your Wet Rug from Further Damages?

No matter how you clean your rug, vacuum it or brush it, accidents occur. Some mishaps are minor,

How to Flatten a Wrinkled Rug?

No doubt, a rug adds a beautiful touch to your floor and overall interior. Yet, sometimes the

Tips & tricks for commercial rug cleaning

Rugs in offices are not merely pieces of décor; they filter the air at your workplace by trapping

Handy tips for Persian rug cleaning at home

Persian rugs are a source of warmth & comfort; their handmade texture & beautiful designs

Why you should not ignore rug cleaning and rug repair services?

Rugs care is a common concern amongst rug owners, but seldom do they prioritize rug maintenance. It
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